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Artist Spotlight: Noah Slee

Noah Slee is one name to keep your eye on and our brand new Artist Spotlight of the week. The talented singer, and songwriter is Berlin based and Brisbane born, his silky sounds, happy sounds and all round good vibes in his music make him one of our favourites at the moment.
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FRNT is an Amsterdam-based record label and playlist curator who sets the trend in discovering today’s hidden gems in all creative fields, before being picked up by the mainstream media. Whether it ’s music, art, fashion or film, FRNT aims to be on the forefront of trends. Our target audience can be best described as; Creatives in their early 20’s / late 30’s with an advanced education level and a cosmopolitan look on life.
They are into art, music and are emersed in fashion trends. They love to travel, visit hotspots that aren’t discovered by the mainstream yet and regularly break bread with friends at restaurants rather than home and consider this part of their social experience. Engagement with the environment, human interest are a natural part of the worldly view all identify our ‘FRNT’iers” as we like to call them.