Artist Spotlight: TiDUS

New Jersey Native TiDUS is our new cover star. Read our Artist Spotlight and listen to our brand new FRNT PAGE playlist on Spotify right here.

Influenced by Goth, Hip-Hop, Gregorian Chants, the African Diaspora and something beyond, TiDUS has already made himself quite known. An artist unlike any other, creating his own lane and generating succes by being one of the most creative authentic out there right now.

TiDUS calls his lane ‘Higher-Self Music’. Fans reach out to TiDUS telling him how his music helps them deal with the negative parts of life. 
Looking through TiDUS recent releases see that TiDUS releases everything with a plan. With his ‘Self Discovery’ series, TIDUS sets out to be more than just an artist who does it for the material side. TIDUS is a real artist, speaking about the hardships in life and genuinely tries to heal with his amazing music.

Here to stay, we’re happy to have TiDUS on the cover this week with music by TiDUS, pablø, Alex Lustig, City Fidelia, Drake and many, many more. Click here to follow.