Artist Spotlight: Lono Bristol

New artist to shine a light on. Lono Bristol is a Brooklyn born artist who does it all, producing, singing, writing, you name it. The multi disciplined artist is our FRNT PAGE Cover Star and Artist Spotlight of the week, Read more about, and hear his music right here.

With a pair of self-produced full length albums, a handful of thought-provoking music videos, a bevy of live performances, and a distinct sound that could shape the future of music, Brooklyn-native artist, Lono Bristol, is ready to take things to the next level this year.

Born and raised in Flatbush, Brooklyn Lono Bristol’s passion for music dates back to childhood, teaching himself how to play the piano at 13 and producing beats at 14. After taking a few years to master his craft, Lono began writing and recording his own music while studying engineering at The City College of New York, but after a year of trying to balance the two, Lono couldn’t help but go with his heart and drop out of school to pursue and focus on his music career full time.

Although his first two albums were released at the beginning and end of last year, Lono’s sound started influencing the Brooklyn hip-hop scene long before then. Under the alias “Mr. Bristol”, Lono produced songs for the Brooklyn rap group “The Underachievers” on their debut mixtape Indigoism, marking the first major step in Lono’s musical journey, but life had only become tougher for the up and coming artist. Lono’s mother began to run into heavy financial troubles that caused an impactful time of hardship, self-reflection and evolution as a person and an artist, shifting his name from Mr Bristol to Lono Bristol to represent life’s transitions.

All of this led up to an extremely busy and successful 2017 for Lono. In Janurary 2017, Lono dropped his debut album, Inauguration Day, along with a powerful video for the lead single “Used To Do” which creatively tackles the issues of police brutality and drug use. You can watch the video below

Lono then finished the year strong with a second project titled “Love N’ Drugs at the Masquerade”. From the cover art to the content, the album was made to symbolize fearlessness, authenticity, and freedom, and the project has become a major success. The album has garnered over four hundred thousand streams on Spotify and the number continues to grow.

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