Lucien Parker - Chapter VI: Metamorphosis EP


Debuting on FRNT with 'Chapter VI: Metamorphosis EP', Lucien Parker from Minneapolis, Minnesota. A poet with the talent to be a star. The full EP out on Friday, October 13, right now, read the preview and listen to some snippets.
Finding a passion for poetry and spoken word at a young age, Lucien made a name for himself throughout high school as a competitive slam poet and penned rhymes in his free time.

Lucien set out to create a project, whose driving motif is finding Knowledge of Self, inner peace and accepting whatever curveballs life may throw at you. 

A great musician, with a great mind, Lucien Parker is here to stay.

With the release of 'Chapter VI: Metamorphosis', Lucien Parker releases yet another quality EP. Pieces of music where you can feel the pain and work that went in to making it. Out on October 13, we urge you to check out the previews right now.